Tuesday, July 23, 2013

If Roger Goodell Really Cared About The Game He Wouldn't Be Fighting For An 18 Game Season

NFL fans have heard time and time again that Roger Goodell is concerned about the safety of NFL players. He hands down suspensions and fines like they grow on trees in the defense of player safety. We all know about Bountygate and that Roger said the harsh sentences were to protect the integrity of the game and to protect the safety of NFL players.

I do agree with his penalizing of dirty players but is player safety his true intention and concern or is it to be tsar and a dictator. Is he really only concerned about the almighty dollar. What really drives this egomaniac? I'm not sure but we might have a clearer picture of the guy due to his desire to have an 18 game NFL schedule.

That desire runs contrary to player safety. There are enough injuries, some of them career ending ones already in the current 16 game campaign. Adding two extra games will be a disaster. Will Goodell and the NFL assume responsibility for player injuries and the lawsuits that may arise from them?

I doubt it. What makes Goodell's desire to expand the schedule troublesome for me is the fact that the NFL is currently being sued by former NFL players for head injuries they sustained during their careers. They blame the NFL for knowing about the risks of blows/hits to the head but did nothing.

As you would expect Roger and the NFL denies responsibility and culpability for those injuries. They will fight the former players all the way through the courts. So why add two games and risk more injuries? It makes no sense to me and I believe it contradicts Goodell's statements about player safety.

Goodell has been the face and poster child for player safety. Like a hawk he's gone after players for illegally hitting another player. Goodell has changed the way defensive players tackle their opponents.

So we are left to ponder why he wants an 18 game schedule. The only answer I can come up with is that it's all about money. Adding two games to every team's schedule will yield more greenbacks for the NFL. Then Goodell can claim he grew the league.

Sure Rog will be able to claim that, but he will also be able to claim that he put more players in the infirmary. He will also be able to take credit for an injury epidemic. Will he claim that he had no hand in increased player injuries? Like all dictators he will.

I find Goodell's desire to want to add two more games to the NFL schedule unforgivable and disastrous. I think the man is a hypocrite and I don't trust anything he says about player safety. As mentioned above, I support his previous positions on player safety and suspending players but now I don't believe he really is concerned about player safety. At least not anymore.

I think he's just another egomaniac and controlling person that wants to dominate every facet of the game. I think he's a two faced nincompoop. I don't think we can trust this buffoon. I think he now lacks credibility and that's sad.

I think what happened to Roger Goodell is that power went to his head. At one time he might have cared about player safety but now it's all about control. Then again maybe he never really cared about player safety but wanted to be seen as the commissioner who made player safety the pinnacle of his reign.

If player safety was only a propaganda tool for Rog, I find that really sad and indefensible. It would make him look like a dirty rotten pig. It would show that he was disingenuous. Then we would be left to think he was a disgusting piece of cow dung.

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