Friday, July 26, 2013

Even New York’s Legendary Madison Square Garden Isn’t Safe

The Yankee Stadium (the house that Ruth built) was torn down several years back for a new shrine across the street in the Bronx. Yes, a new shrine with luxury suites etc. so the Yankees could amass even more money.

Meantime, New York’s Shea Stadium went down with barely a whimper a few years back, in its place the new Citi Field. This despite the former holding some of the Mets greatest memories, not to mention performances that include NFL games, The Beatles, a papal visit and more.

So it was rather disturbing to go online this week and learn that New York’s legendary Madison Square Garden (home to the Knicks, Rangers, college basketball, concerts, pro wrestling and more) may be a memory in a decade or so. Not Madison Square Garden??

According to reports, the New York City Council has informed MSG management that it has exactly a decade left to find a new location. And why must MSG relocate from the location it has called home since 1968?

For those who have never been to an event at or even passed by Madison Square Garden, the building sits atop the famed Pennsylvania Station, a mecca for travelers from all over. City officials want to relocate MSG so they can refurbish and expand Penn Station.

MSG Has Refurbished to the Tune of Close to $1 Billion

This makes for an even more interesting dilemma for MSG officials in that the building is close to finishing up a close to $1 billion, three-year overhaul. Yes, that is a ton of money for a building that could find itself a date with a wrecking ball sooner rather than later.

In a statement to the media from MSG Chief Executive Officer James Dolan, it was apparent that Dolan and Co. were not even looking that far down the road, noting  “Madison Square Garden has operated at its current site for generations, and has been proud to bring New Yorkers some of the greatest and most iconic moments in sports and entertainment. We now look forward to the reopening of the arena in the fall of 2013.”

During its current run, MSG has played host to a pair of world championship Knicks teams (1970, 73) and the 1994 Stanley Cup champion Rangers.

While MSG is not going anywhere anytime soon, it is sad to hear that yet another iconic sporting venue in New York City may be on life support.

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