Sunday, July 7, 2013

Colin "I Love the Miami Dolphins" Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick seems to be a big fan of the Miami Dolphins. He has been criticized for wearing a Miami Dolphins hat and if that wasn't idiotic enough he defended his right to wear the hat on Instagram. The traitor is right, he has the right to wear whatever hat he wants.

It's rare to see football players wearing a hat of another NFL team. Kaeperdumb was the talk of Northern California and the entire NFL last season. It's obvious that this young man needs to learn how to be loyal to his team. He's the starting QB and the leader of his club. This is the wrong way to lead and sends the wrong message to the team's fans and Kaepernick's teammates.

Kaepertraitor deserves the fallout and criticism that he is sure to receive and has received. I think he broke a cardinal sin by wearing another team's hat in his sport. Why is he so in love with the Dolphins hat? It is a slap in the faces of his teammates. The guy needs to act like a leader and apologize to his teammates, his team and the team’s fans.

Funny thing is that I see the QB struggling this year. I might be wrong but when stardom goes to a player's head poor play is sure to follow him. That's my opinion. I actually hope that it doen’ts happen and that he grows up.

I think that Jim Harbaugh will be having a talk with Colin and laying down the law. I wonder if Colin's teammates will find it hard to follow a guy who was caught wearing the Dolphins hat and then defending his actions.

As I said earlier, Kaepernick has right to wear the hat but he's not answering to the Supreme Court of America. He has to an answer to San Francisco 49ers fans, his coaches and his teammates.

I hope that he learns his lesson. I hope he's not a two bit punk. I hope that his ego and cockiness doesn't get the best of him. I do think my hopes for Kaepernick are wishful thinking. I think that many NFL fans have lost respect for him and if he doesn't do some damage control quickly, it will be hard to gain back (unless he wins a Super Bowl).

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