Thursday, July 18, 2013

Beware of Johnny the College Football Player

He's been arrested. He left the Manning Passing Academy and said it was because he overslept. He defended his actions and said he will continue to be a normal college student and have fun. So who is this disaster waiting to happen? Johnny Manziel.

I say that NFL teams should beware of this guy. Johnny Manziel will be a headache to any team that drafts him. We've seen in the last few month that draft picks who've had off the field issues can come back to bite those teams in the Caboose.

I think having off the field troubles speaks volumes of the player who is having those troubles, especially when that player doesn't seem to be doing anything to change their actions or cares to change their actions.

Sure Johnny is under the microscope and being held to a higher standard than his peers. That comes with the territory. The guy is a quarterback (QB), the leader of his team. If he continues to play well and is drafted he will be expected to be a leader and stay out of trouble. He will be held to a higher standard than the average draft pick but he will have a contract that is much greater than the average draft pick.

If Johnny doesn't want the scrutiny he should give up all aspirations of being an NFL QB. Since potential teams would be spending a lot of money on a potentially top 10 draft pick they will and should scrutinize that pick and his background. They need to treat the draft pick as a potential investment and do their due diligence.

If Johnny knows this, he needs to start acting like a mature young man and the leader of his team. He needs lead by example and show his teammates that he's serious about playing the game of football and not acting like a clown.

Johnny says he will continue to have fun at college. I took that to mean that he will continue to act like a clown and get in trouble. He says he's young. Yes he is but he has a lot riding on his actions, that being a professional career. Many teams are already scrutinizing the punk's actions. He is on tight leash and it will only get tighter if he continues to act like bum.

I think the fact that this clown overslept and had to leave the Manning Passing Academy is telling of his character or lack thereof. It‘s being reported that Johnny wouldn't say if oversleeping was caused by drinking and partying the night before.

This guy is trouble, big trouble. NFL teams need to stay away from this guy. I wouldn't take a chance on this guy in the future even if he's only entering his second year of college this fall.

I think one more slip up by this jock will seriously ruin his chances of ever being a high NFL draft pick. Even if he continues to light up the field for the rest of his college career he will still be a major risk for an NFL team. There is a lot of evidence in the past few years to back up this claim. We've heard of many draft picks who've had checkered pasts and how they've continued to have problems after joining the NFL.

Why should Johnny be any different? I don't think he is.

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