Thursday, July 25, 2013

Alex Rodriguez is the lowest of the low in the Baseball World

Scumbags seem to seek out other scumbags and that’s what Alex “Roidriguez” Rodriguez seems to have done. Earlier this week Roidriguez took his sorry story to the media, saying that he felt that the New York Yankees were against him and trying to prevent him from playing. He disputed the Yankees decision to postpone his returning to the lineup and said he that he’s healthy.

He went as far as to enlist the help of a so called medical expert who publicly disputed the Yankees decision not to have Roidriguez return to the lineup. The problem is that this doctor has been reprimanded in the past (New Jersey) for inadequately supervising an unlicensed employee.

If this whole situation wasn’t bad enough for Roidriguez, the doctor in question (Dr. Michael Gross) has never even met Alex Rodriguez. How can anyone take Alex seriously? I don’t think anyone has for the last couple of years but now Rodriguez looks more culpable than ever. He really does seem like a liar and cheat and he’s enlisting the help of unsavory individuals.

To be fair, I'm not blaming the doctor. He dies seem to have clarified that he hasn't cleared Alex to play and it was Rodriguez who went to him. I am blaming Roidriguez.

It does seem that Roidriguez has stooped to a new low and is the lowest of the low in the baseball world. This guy needs to receive a lifetime ban from baseball for taking Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs). This guy is a degenerate scumbag and doesn’t deserve to be in Major League Baseball.

Roidriguez makes Ryan Braun look like a Saint and an honest rule abiding player. LOL! If it wasn’t already obvious I have a lot of disdain for Alex. Not only do I think the guy is a big cheat, he’s badmouthing his current team while enlisting what seems to be a shady individual.

Alex Rodriguez seems like he’s a dishonest, lying, cheating person. I personally can’t take anything this disgusting player says seriously.

Alex Rodriguez has become part of the dark side of baseball. He needs to be eradicated from the game. I’ve written about my dislike for Ryan Braun but Alex Rodriguez has taken cheating and dishonesty to a whole new level. Unlike Braun, Rodriguez is disrespecting and talking badly about his team, the New York Yankees.

While I don’t like the Yankees the team and their fans deserve better than the garbage that Rodriguez is hurling their way. The Yankees are a team with a great tradition. They have loyal fans and Rodriguez is spitting at that tradition and loyalty.

I can’t sit by quietly. I feel the need to speak out against the punk named Rodriguez. When I see a picture of Alex, I see a goon and a dishonorable ball player. As mentioned above, he needs to be removed from the game. I don’t believe that there is any place in baseball for a guy like Alex Rodriguez.

Alex Rodriguez

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