Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Ahmad Brooks Is A Ticking Time Bomb

Ahmad Brooks of the San Francisco 49ers needs serious help, jail time and mental health treatment. Brooks is alleged to have assaulted teammate Lamar Divens at his home with a beer bottle, leaving Divens bloodied. The prosecutor is deciding if he'll charge Brooks at all and if he does will it be a felony or misdemeanor.

If the thug is not charged it will be a disservice to the public. Ahmad apparently entered a sentence mediation after he was accused of punching a woman while he was a member of the Cincinnati Bengals. This is yet another example of a player who is a ticking time bomb.

Not only should he be punished for his actions if they are true (2 witnesses gave testimony to the attack on Divens) but the San Francisco 49ers should also deal with him. A suspension by the team is warranted.

Since the 49ers have guaranteed this out of control bully 17.5 million dollars, they are likely to do nothing. He's also a talented player so they wouldn't want to jeopardize their performance on the field.

I'm sick of teams doing nothing. The alleged incident occurred on June 8th. The 49ers must have known for some time about the altercation and they have done nothing as far as I know.

I'm afraid that the next incident regarding the bully will be more violent. Then everyone will talk again about the need for NFL teams to look for the warning signs and take action when they see them. The 49ers might end up joining teams that are on the list of protecting their garbage.

In my opinion this another example of an NFL team caring more about the dollar signs and the product on the field than dealing with an out of control player who might do serious damage off the field.

Don't the NFL, NFL teams and the NFLPA have a duty to act when a player has demonstrated multiple times that he is a danger to society? I think so but my opinion doesn't really count for much.

It's really time for the NFL to take action and seriously deal with problem of violent players. If they don't start to seriously deal with the increasing incidents of violence regarding NFL players, I believe they will have been complicit in those players committing serious crimes.

If that doesn't motivate the NFL and its teams, they should consider that their fan base is becoming increasingly annoyed and disgusted with the incidents of violence being committed by NFL players. Those incidents even include murder.

An intervention now and the NFL taking action to help the player or punish the player will protect the public and the player. In many cases the player is in need of help. So get them the help or get them hell out of the NFL.

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