Friday, July 26, 2013

Aaron Rodgers Duped

Poor Aaron Rodgers. He doesn't feel good being lied to by his friend and business prater Ryan Braun. Ryan Braun says that he believed his friend when he was told that he wasn't using Performance Enhancing Drugs. Last year, Rodgers went as far as to say that he would bet his salary that Braun was clean.

OK Aaron. Are you going to give this year's salary to charity? I'm assuming that's a big fat no. I wonder how Rodgers could have allowed himself to be duped. Didn't the rational person feel in their heart of hearts that Braun was a cheat? I think so.

I think you have to be pretty naive to think that Braun was innocent of drug use. In 2011 he failed a test and his suspension was overturned on appeal due to a technicality. The Sham named Shyam Das was the moron who overturned Breaun's suspension. It wasn't based on science. That's my opinion and that of many medical experts.

So how could Rodgers fall into that trap? Was he just gullible and wanted to believe a friend? Was he really that naive? I guess so but I think he should have seen the signs. They were clearly smacking him right in the face and he chose to ignore those signs.

Now he doesn't feel good about being lied to? Sure he was a good friend and went to bat for Braun. Rodgers endorsement of his friend’s innocence played right into the hands of gullible Brewers fans. If their hero from their hallowed Green Bay Packers said that Braun was clean, he surely must have been.

A beloved Packer saying Braun was innocent was the closest thing from a higher power declaring Braun's innocence.

When Rodgers backed-up his friend I thought he was a clown. I lost respect for him. As far as I was concerned the evidence against Braun was clear and irrefutable.

This whole mess actually puts a huge smile on my face. I live in Minnesota and I'm a Vikings and Twins fan. So you must know how I feel about Wisconsin sports fans. I don't think much of them. Now they're feeling the pain of one fallen hero lying to them and another caught with egg on his face because he bought into the scam known as Ryan Braun.

I sure hope that when Rodgers opens his mouth again to spew some sewer waste that his fans don't buy into that garbage.

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