Monday, July 15, 2013

48 Hours Later: The Bombers Defense bends But Offence Breaks As Cats Beat Bombers

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers defense is good and should only get better  as the season wears on despite losing 25-20 to Henry Burris and the Ti-Cats. Playing without  Bryant Turner  the Defense still recorded 7 sacks against one of the most elusive QB’s in the CFL.

Burris did prove his mettle as he led the Cats to a win but he had help from some poor special teams play(hello Justin Palardy and your 2 kick offs that went out of bounds) and  an offence that is stumbling out of the blocks (hello Buck Pierce and his penchant for over throws).

The Bombers offence is sputtering and offensive coordinator Gary Crowton has some home work to do if he is to survive this season. The main cause of this loss was abandoning the run despite the fact Chad Simpson was having a tremendous game. 

The Bombers set him up for success in the first quarter by using the pass to their advantage, which led to his 75 yard TD run.  However, in the second quarter the Cats  defense stiffened on a couple of series and Crowton was done with the run much like a vegan declares he is done with meat. The Cats caught on and punished Buck Pierce sacking and pressuring him at will.

Sure Buck may have held onto the ball too long on a few occasions or failed to make an accurate throw but the game film will show that their 3rd quarter collapse was a direct result of letting the Cats off the hook.  The Blue played into the Cats hands by giving up on the run and this is squarely on Crowton not Tim Burke who did not even know how many rushing attempts Simpson had when asked in his post-game press conference.

The fact Burke did not know about the rushing attempts shows that he either has faith in Crowton and is  giving him cart blanche with the offence or shows that Burke is hanging the sophomore CFL coach to dry in hopes that he will sink and be let go after all he was not Burke's coordinator of choice but rather he was hand-picked by Joe Mack who pumped his tires like a pit crew member pumps his drivers tires.

The season is still young and with the Bombers tied for first with all of the other eastern teams there is no need to push the panic button just yet but eye brows are starting to raise and fans are already calling for Justin Goltz to replace Buck Pierce. I was thinking the same thing during and immediately after the game but upon further review I must throw a challenge flag squarely at Gary Crowton and his game plan. It is too early to fire anyone but if the offence under performs or squanders many more stellar defensive efforts it will be Crowton who will or should walk the plank.

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