Saturday, June 22, 2013

Verbal Catfight Between Tennis Stars Gets Personal

A verbal cat fight between tennis stars Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova is getting ugly and personal. As reported by Sharpova lashed out at Serena in response to a Rolling Stone article that hinted that in a recent article int he publication, Serena's personal comments at an unnamed player were directed at Sharpova.

So what did Sharpova say? Basically she criticized Serena Williams for dating a man who is getting a divorce and has kids. She seems to be insinuating that Williams is a home wrecker. I'm interested to see how this cat fight develops. Will it develop into a full-fledged physical altercation should the two meet at Wimbledon?

I don't know about that but this has to be a ratings bonanza for the tournament and women's tennis. I'm sure that the casual tennis observer might be more interested in the sport should it turn into Tennis Brawl 2013 where tennis meets mixed martial arts.

Can you imagine that? Between the serves, the rallies and the grunting we might see a kick there a punch here and even a headlock thrown into the mix.

I'm not one for violence and I do like the women's game. I think this is just pre-tournament posturing between the two and Sharapova sure needs an edge heading into Wimbledon as he's lost the last 13 to Serena Williams.

While I don't know the real reason for this war of words between the two, I think it's ridiculous. I think they should both stick to what they know best and that's playing tennis at the highest level. These clowns should be spending all their time and effort preparing for the most sought after championship in tennis rather than taking shots at each other.

I will be watching Wimbledon closely to see how the two conduct themselves and if they find a way to be civil. At this point I'm not sure that's even possible. Wimbledon is sure to be interesting this year. Let the games or should I say the mixed martial arts begin.

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