Sunday, June 30, 2013

Vancouver Canucks Trade Cory Schneider For Almost Nothing

The Vancouver Canucks took another step backwards today. That trend has continued since last year with the Canucks inability to trade Roberto Luongo who is currently in an insanely long contract. The trouble for Vancouver is that there wasn't a team willing to take on Luongo's contract in its current form. This year hasn't been any different. With the Canucks refusal to take some of the hit on Luongo's contract, it became apparent that Luongo would remain a Canuck.

So the Can'tucks turned to Schneider. Yes, Schenider who seemed to be their future in net. Don't forget that Roberto is 34 years old. While it made some sense to trade one of the best netminders in the game, common wisdom and thought around the league and NHL media was that the Canucks should have received decent compensation for Cory.

When it was announced at the NHL draft that Schneider was traded to New Jersey for the Devils 9th pick in the first round, I think most of the hockey world was rolling on the floor laughing so hard they could hardly breathe.

When I heard about the trade I started laughing and then I thought that the Canucks are such an inept and dumb team. They can't get anything right. They are bumbling losers. Schneider for the 9th pick? Are you flipping kidding me? He's worth more than that. The Devils stole Schneider from right under the Canucks noses but the Canucks were willing participants.

The Canucks must have been waving the blue and green flag as they surrendered to the Devils. Ha ha ha ha ha.

I have some advice for the Cancucks. Don't sign your 9th pick to a 12 year contract. Well that isn't possible under the new CBA, so the Canucks are prevented from doing any harm to themselves even if they wanted to.

These must be tough times for the team's fans. They have an aging goalie. Sure he's still on top of his game but how long will that last? Now that the team has traded it's future behind the pipes, this trade might have done the Canucks great harm and one that might come back to bite them in their cabooses.

Well at least the Canucks have John Tortorella as their new head coach. Man, that's even more hilarious than the Schneider trade.

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