Saturday, June 1, 2013

Oh GEEz. Gordon Gee is a Piece of Cow Dung

Gordon Gee, the president of Ohio State University is a piece of Cow Dung. In my opinion this guy is an idiot who has made insensitive and bigoted comments against Catholics. His employers should not tolerate this behavior. He should have been fired.

Retaining a scumbag like Gee makes Ohio State University look like they are pulling off a Rutgers. Ha ha ha. Boy, being named in the same breath or sentence as Rutgers is pretty insulting. Maybe the two schools should get together and join forces. They can pull their resources together and plan how to be abusive and bigoted aholes. That's just one man's opinion.

I'm not going to quote what he said but you could read it at I think those comments are disgusting.

When it comes to Ohio State University, I couldn't care less if they were continuously embarrassed. They are good at failing. They should be called Failure University. I do care that their president is a bigot and made an ass of himself.

The NCAA should have sanctioned this loser. If he would have made horrible comments that were racial in nature he would have been fired by the school and sanctioned by the NCAA. He should not have his job. There should be no place for this type of animistic behavior. I should apologize to animals for being compared to a bigot like "Oh Gee".

To say that Scumbag Gee has embarrassed his school is an understatement. Any time you have a bigot on your payroll, you will continue to be embarrassed. It's obvious to me that Gee hates Catholics and when you have hatred in your bones, veins and entire body towards a group of people, you will do and say disgusting and hurtful things.

Ohio should take note here. They have a total piece of garbage on their payroll. They have a guy that can't control his sewer of a mouth. They have a loose cannon on their staff. When you have scum like that, you should dispose of it. If you don't, that scum will continue to stink up your university. I believe that's what Gee is doing at Ohio State. That's just my opinion.

Sure this clown and piece of garbage apologized for his comments. Sure he said it was a poor attempt at humor. Bigots who are caught by the media say that nonsense. Most of us know that saying those things are wrong and could hurt other people. So we don't say them, at least in public.

This idiot didn't have a filter that could prevent him from showing the kind of bigot that he is. Other people in the public eye, like Sergio Garcia, said there racist or bigoted comments were poor attempts at humor. These are not poor attempts at humor. They are empty apologies. They are baseless.

If these numskulls don't want to hurt other people or want to be ridiculed by the media for their comments, they shouldn't say those bigoted things. Just don't say them. I think their apologies after the fact are just for damage control. I can't take those apologies or the bigots seriously.

I think if Ohio State University had any character they would fire Gee and rid themselves of a piece of garbage. If they don't, they will show the entire college community that they tolerate a man that showed the public that he has bigoted opinions against Catholics.

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