Tuesday, June 25, 2013

John Tortorella and the Vancouver Canucks are a Match Made in Heaven

John Tortorella has arrived in Vancouver as the Canucks new head coach and I think this is a match made in heaven for him and the Canucks. Tortorella has all the characteristics that will make the Canucks and their fans feel comfortable with their new head dud or should I say head coach.

So what characteristics does Tortorella have that will endear him to the club? Let's list those characteristics

He's Rude
Tortorella is a rude person or at least he comes across that way. The guy is less than forthcoming with the media and he has an attitude. The guy comes across as a jerk. He comes across as a guy who's trying to cover up his imperfections by acting like a complete and utter moron.

That is a great character match to the Canucks and their fans. The Canucks, as long as I can remember have had rude players, coaches, management and fans.

He's Obnoxious
In my opinion John Tortorella is an obnoxious guy. That's what I've seen in his press conferences. He might be a stand-up guy but as a fan it's his behavior in front of the camera that catches my eye. The guy comes across as a disgusting incompetent who tries to make up for these poor qualities by acting like an egotistical snob.

Once again this type of behavioral characteristic match up well with the obnoxious Canucks and their fan base. Canucks fans might be nice people but their actions and behavior in front of the camera makes them the most obnoxious fan base in the NHL.

I think many NHL fans will agree with me.

The team's players are also obnoxious. They take dives, cheap shots and all the while they blame their opponents for infractions that don't exist and blame the officials for not calling non-existent penalties.

Tortman, this is a great club for you.

He's and Underachiever
This is the characteristic that is the greatest match between new coach and his team. Tortorella had a star laden team with the New York Rangers and failed to achieve success. I think the ability to motivate and teach one's players is what a coach should be able to do.

When a coach can't do that, his players lose interest and disaster occurs.

For John Tortorella, he is the coach of a new team that is used to underachieving. The Canucks make the playoffs year after year with high expectations but they lose a skate blade or two in their quest for Lord Stanley's cup.

The players that exemplify this the most are the Sedin twins (Daniel and Henrik). These guys do well in the regular season but take a playoff long siesta when it counts the most.

All in all this is a great marriage between Tortorella and the Vancouver Canucks. Hopefully the underachieving continues for the Canucks. That will put a smile on many people's faces including mine.

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