Thursday, June 27, 2013

Beep Beep It's Time For The Coyotes To Get A Move On

It's time for the Phoenix Coyotes to get a move on out of Phoenix to a city that is well suited for NHL hockey. The NHL has given the Glendale City Council until July 2nd to approve a new lease agreement for arena or the NHL will move the club out of the desert to a market where the team belongs.

The city of Glendale has been given enough opportunities to show that it cares about hockey. They have dropped the ball year after year after year. The NHL has a deal for Renaissance Sports & Entertainment to purchase the club but a new arena deal is pivotal for that deal to become official.

The NHL owns the Coyotes and has lost money year after year. They are at a breaking point and want to rid themselves of the hassle of operating the team. Who can blame them?

Before you start saying that the fans will be the big losers here, think again. The Coyotes have been at or near the bottom of the NHL's attendance in the past few years.

So don't be surprised if you don't see Shane Doan the Coyotes captain playing north of the border or in Seattle when the 2014/15 NHL resumes play this fall. My hope is that they end up in Quebec City. The province of Quebec like the rest of Canada is a hockey paradise. Hockey is in their blood.

I remember watching games between the Montreal Canadians and Quebec Nordiques. It was a great rivalry. It was a Quebec rivalry. It was good hockey. It would be amazing if that rivalry was given the opportunity to resume.

Continuing playing in the desert will be a disaster and is destined to fail. Arizona has proven that it doesn't care of hockey. People in that state would rather take in a tiddlywinks competition than watch a hockey game. That's my opinion.

I don't think most NHL fans would care if the team is moved. I believe that most Canadian fans will welcome that news with open arms if the team moves. At least Winnipeg fans will be happy.

At the time of the Jets move to Phoenix, I didn't believe that the experiment would last. In fact it's lasted much longer than I expected. The reason for that is the NHL's stubbornness to abandon the Phoenix ship and move them to a market that cares about hockey.

While I still believe a last minute deal will be reached, I'm hoping for great news on July 2nd and if the news is that the NHL will be moving the team, I will be a very happy hockey fan.

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