Thursday, May 2, 2013

The New York Knicks Prepared For Their Own Burial

The New York Knicks are one of the dumbest teams in sports over the past decade. Entering last night's game against the Boston Celtics, New York Knickerbockers players wore black to signal the Celtics funeral. The only team that was buried last night was Knicks who lost the game 92-86.

It wasn't only pathetic to wear black to trash and offend your opponent like the Knicks did but it was moronic. How could the organization allow that to happen? It was an embarrassment to the team that they lost the game.

It would have been bad enough had the Knicks won the game but they lost making the whole stunt ludicrous. What were these clowns thinking? It's obvious that they weren't thinking. Their brains took the night off.

The Knicks not only showed a lack of professionalism and class but they showed that they are a poorly run organization. They have now given everyone who watches the NBA, the impression that the organization is run more like a circus and less like a legitimate and professional NBA team.

By the way, someone should tell the Knicks that the Celtics have won more championships than they have and this particular group for the Celtics have won a championship. What do the Knicks have to show in recent memory? They have nothing to show. They are a loser organization and losers act like losers by the antics they displayed last night.

I actually hate the Celtics but I Hope that they can come back and win the series. That would be hilarious. That would serve the Knicks right. Hopefully it would teach those pompous clowns a lesson. Then again, these guys are so classless and clueless that losing the series probably won't have an effect on them.

Whatever the outcome of this series is and I believe that the Knicks will win (they are the better team), what they did last night was trashy and amateurish. The only thing that Knicks proved is that they are bunch of jackasses.

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