Monday, May 27, 2013

Rutgers is a Cesspool

Rutgers is becoming a Cesspool, a laughing stock and an incompetent college. That's my opinion. Scandal after scandal makes the college look like a second rate circus and not an educational institution. is reporting that former players of the newly appointed athletic director, Julie Hermann allege that she verbally abused former players when she was head coach of Tennessee. Hermann denies those allegations but I'm suspicious of her denials.

At this point in time Rutgers is showing itself to be an educational institution that is run by scumbags who hire scumbags. In April, Rutgers fired head men's basketball coach Mike Rice after a video tape showed him verbally and physically abusing his players.

Soon after the firing of Rice, Rutgers Athletic Director Tim Perneti resigned from his position. Hermann says that both the board and the school president support her and that she will retain her position. If that is true, school leadership is showing itself to be buffoons once again.

This latest scandal has the makings of another embarrassing situation for the school. The school seems to hire and retain morons and abusive people. That's just a layman's opinion. The school should investigate the allegations surrounding Hermann and if there is shred of evidence to support those allegations, she should be terminated.

There is no place in an educational institution for abusive scumbags and morons. Rutgers is a public institution and should be held up to a high standard. They shouldn't receive state funding if the school acts in a moronic way.

I hope that Governor Christie gets to the bottom of this mess and if he finds that the leadership of the university is being run by morons and incompetents he should have them removed. The ultimate sanction would be to cease funding Rutgers but the consequence of that would be that the students would suffer.

The school should be embarrassed. The amount of scandals in recent times is unforgivable and shows me that clowns run the school. Where do these ding dongs come from? How are they in a position of power at a post secondary-institution? I believe that the school's leadership is not fit to run a school. They are an embarrassment to that institution.

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