Sunday, May 26, 2013

Everett Golson Banned by Notre Dame

Notre Dame has suspended quarterback Everett Golson for "poor academic judgment", according to the quarterback. Golson said he accepts the ban. What choice does this guy have? It's not like he would win if he challenged the university and he must know that he did something that warranted being banned from the historic institution.

We shouldn't be surprised when a punk football player ruins the golden opportunity given to them by doing something wrong. What college player wouldn't want to play for the Fighting Irish? What player would act like a clown and numskull?

Golson led his team to the National Championship in January of this year. Golson said that his family has provided him the values that it takes to be successful. They might have Everett but you took their teaching and flushed it down the toilet.

He obviously didn't retain those teachings. IF he had, he wouldn't have been banned by Notre Dame. If he had taken notes, he might have acted like a decent and honorable man.

Golson might have a chance at playing for Notre Dame again. He will have to show them that he is a change man and a man that can be trusted. That will take a lot of work for the guy. He better work hard at being a decent member of society and not a second rate punk.

When a player starts to act like a buffoon, I believe that they are usually destined to display poor character and they tend to make horrid decisions. That's my opinion and I personally believe that Everett will be no different.

This guy should be sick to his stomach that he took this opportunity and use it like toilet paper. He should be crying himself to sleep every night, He should be planning for the right path in life.

I hope that Golson proves me wrong. I really do. I hope that he changes his behavior and returns to Notre Dame. I hope he is successful but history has led me to believe that the chances of that happening are remote.

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  1. Everett is not a punk football player. And he does not act like a buffoon. Yes, he made some sort of mistake, we all do. I am sure he is beating himself up about it. There is no reason for people, such as yourself to say what kind of person he is. And how he will turn out. I am sure you don't even know him. He is a very smart, very kind, christian young man. He has many talents. Did you know he is also an exceptional basketball player? Did you know he graduated high school with honors? Did you know he plays classical music by ear? That he composes his own music? Now tell me he is a punk? I think not.

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