Monday, April 1, 2013

Win With Flynn?

The Oakland Raiders are desperate to have a franchise quarterback. They have been a miserable team since their last Super Bowl appearance in 2006. Since that time the Raiders have been mediocre at best. Awful is a better word to describe the franchise.

On Monday the Raiders attempted to improve their fortunes by trading two draft picks for Seattle’s Matt Flynn. Matt Flynn had been acquired by the Seattle Seahawks last year. Flynn surprisingly was beaten out as the Seahawks starter by rookie Quarterback (QB) Russell Wilson during the 2012 preseason.

Will the Raiders win with Flynn? That’s a good question. While Flynn did show some promise in limited action in Green Bay, he has yet to showcase his skills as a starting quarterback where the pressure to succeed will be immense.

If I were to prediction about his ability to be successful in Oakland I would say that he will be average in his first year and future success will be determined by the Raiders ability to place a supporting cast around him. I think being a backup last year under a rookie QB couldn’t have helped his progress.

At least under Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay he had the ability to learn the art of his trade from a future Hall of Famer. It was a waste of a year last year. Now the pressure will squarely on his shoulders and I’m not sure that he can handle that pressure.

The Raiders organization will be looking at Flynn to be their savior and to lead them to the Promised Land. Flynn will need to put up a lot of points. Let’s face it; the Raiders defense has its holes after an exodus by a number of their defensive players.

I’ll be honest. If I were Flynn wouldn’t be happy being traded to the Raiders. Sure he will now be a starting QB in the NFL but he will be doing it with one of the worst franchises in the game. The team being a perennial loser in the past decade proves that.

I hope that Flynn is as talented a QB we all thought he was a couple of years ago. He seemed to have so much potential and then he lost out to Wilson. Sure Wilson impressed and surprised all of us but winning seems to run in his veins.

I’m not convinced the same is true with Flynn. He will have the chance to prove me wrong. If he can lead the Raiders to the playoffs he will have proved that he is a good quarterback with lost of potential.

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