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The Masters vs The US Open

Article written by Phil Oscarson - Guest poster
April is almost here, and with it comes the start of the golf season in earnest, with the first of the four majors teeing off at Augusta National. The Masters and the US Open are the first two majors of the season, but also two of the biggest and most famous tournaments on the world golf calendar. Both of them are special for different reasons, but which one holds the edge? Let’s break it down by category.

The US Open is the second-oldest major golf tournament, and the oldest in the United States. Have started in 1895, it beats out the Masters by some 40 years. The Masters is the baby of the majors, having started in 1934, Augusta opened just one year before.

Winner: The US Open

Autographed Tiger Woods Photograph - 8x10 Psa dna #s04524Tradition
The US Open has a couple of traditions, mostly stemming from being such an old tournament, but when it comes to tradition there is only one tournament that can be the winner. The Masters is built upon tradition, extending from the exclusive membership rules to the green jacket that is awarded to each winner. The caddies are expected to adhere to the traditional dress code, and the defending champion always gets the number one caddie. There is also the tradition of having a legend of the game be the honorary starter. The tournament also has a tradition of honoring past champions with a dinner and with a lifetime invitation to compete at Augusta.

Winner: The Masters

Venue and Course
The Masters is the only major tournament that does not rotate venues, and with good reason. Augusta is home to a beautiful course that is both scenic and challenging, as well as steeped in tradition. The US Open is held on some of the world’s most famous courses, including Pebble Beach, Pinehurst, and Oakmont. This sort of a rotation offers a different challenge to the one that golfers face at the Masters, as it is a little more unknown.

Winner: Tie.

Famous Moments
The US Open has been the setting for some amazing golf moments - Ben Hogan’s comeback in 1950 and Arnold Palmer in 1960 to name a few, but no tournament can beat the Masters for sheer drama. Who can forget Tiger’s chip-in in 2004, or his first major victory in 1997? What about Jack Nicklaus winning his sixth in 1986 when he was 46 years old? Or Ben Crenshaw in the arms of his caddie after winning following the death of his long term friend and mentor? These are just a few of the most memorable moments from the Masters over the years, and expect many more to come.

Winner: The Masters

When you pit two legendary golf tournaments against each other, choosing a favorite is much like choosing a favorite child. Each brings different qualities to the table, each is special in its own way, and each deserves its own time in the limelight. For the purposes of this article, they have been placed into specific categories and The Masters has come out on top, but change the categories and the US Open could just as easily win. The Masters is just next month, so for now, we’ll just bask in the greatness of that famous tournament in Augusta.

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