Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Should the Rangers Trade Marian Gaborik?

There are rumors in the hockey world that Marian Gaborik might be one of the New York Rangers players on the trading block as Wednesday’s trade deadline approaches. Should the Rangers trade Marian Gaborik? Yes they should. I’m not a Rangers fan and would love to see Gaborik stay with the rangers so he can continue to help the team underachieve.

Many of you might think that I’m crazy. The guy puts up good numbers and he was on the Rangers team that finished first in the Eastern Conference in 2011/12. The problem I have with this guy is that he doesn’t have much to show for his talent.

How many Stanley Cup appearances have the teams that hew has played for been to the Stanley Cup finals. How many conference championships have his teams been too?

Autographed Marian Gaborik Photo - NY Rangers 8x10 CelbrationWhen Marian was with Minnesota the guy seemed to be injured all the time. One of his nagging injuries was with his groin. I think the Wild had a player that was talented and did well when he was in the lineup but the guy lacked the toughness needed on an NHL team. What good is a guy who doesn’t play due to hang nail type injuries?

Up until this season Gaborik had only played one full NHL season. That was with the Rangers and it was last year. The guy can’t seem to stay in the lineup fro very long before getting hurt.

The guy had so much potential. He could have been a great star in the NHL but his lack of focus, desire and hunger for winning has hurt him and the teams that he’s played for.

If I were an NHL executive I would pass on Gaborik. As mentioned before, the guy can put up tons of points but that’s when he’s in the lineup.

The other factor is that Gaborik doesn’t shine when he has been to the playoffs. In half of his playoff seasons, the guy has underachieved and his production has been less than the regular season.

If an NHL executive is looking for a leader and the type of player that will take him to the NHL’s Promised Land, Gaborik is definitely not the player for that executive.

If you’re looking for a player who will underachieve when it counts or will be out of the lineup at inopportune times then Gaborik is a great fit for your team.

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