Thursday, April 4, 2013

NFL Drops the Ball by Promoting an anti-Gay Culture

In a time and age where the modern world is starting to accept alternative lifestyles, the NFL is (in my opinion) promoting an anti-gay culture. In a time where there could be a current NFL player who would go public about being gay, the NFL has done its part to try and prevent this.

Why do I say that? The NFL has issued its decision regarding allegations of inappropriate questions asked to NFL combine participants. Questions that were asked included “do you like girls?” The NFL said that their was no evidence of wrongdoing.

In all my interviews in my career I have never been asked any questions about my sexual orientation. In fact in my state, you can’t ask someone if they’re married or have children. Why would the NFL allow such barbaric and homophobic behavior?

I believe that league thinks that if it supported a gay player going public that their brand would be harmed in some way. I disagree. I think the time is right for a gay player to go public. I think that player would be accepted and supported by most fans.

I think that it’s hypocritical for the league to promote equal rights and minority rights but they’re placing their figurative boots on the back of some of their players’ heads.

I think the time has come for the NFL to act like an honorable organization. This was their moment to make it known whether they support or condemn homophobic behavior.

Questions like the one above promote an anti-gay culture where players feel forced to lie and hide about who they are. In a time when the media is hungry for a current professional athlete to come go public with who they are, the NFL, the largest professional league in North America has destroyed any real possibility that a current player would take that gamble.

In my opinion, the NFL has made it clear that it will stand by as gay players are mocked and ridiculed. They have made it clear that gays in general can me mocked by their players. Note to NFL: There are many gay people in this country and many of them by your brand.

Shame on the NFL. Their decision in this case is one made by a disgraceful, shameful and cowardly organization.

Today, the NFL has lost my respect. The NFL has acted like macho homophobic barbarians.

For their decision the NFL is today's Fool of the Day.

NFL Says No Wrongdoing

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