Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Minnesota Wild Make Their Move

The Minnesota Wild were at it again, making a huge deal just prior to Wednesday’s trade deadline. During the offseason the Wild landed the biggest pot of gold during the summer’s free agency bonanza. The Wild acquired Zach Parise and Ryan Suter, stunning the hockey world.

Jason Pominville Signed Photograph - 8X10 w COA #5This afternoon word started circulating that the Wild were interested in Buffalo’s captain Jason Pominville. They were indeed. The Wild have landed one of the day’s biggest stars. The Sabres made no secret of their desire to unload as many stars as possible and Pomenville was rumored to have been asked to provide a list of the eight teams he wouldn’t go to (Pominville had a no trade clause).

Minnesota GM Chuck Fletcher said he was interested in Pomenville but would not mortgage the team’s future and he didn’t. He dealt goalie Matt Hacket and forward Johan Lasron.

Wild fans weren’t sure if the Wild would make a move today. They had landed two mega stars already in last year’s free agency. They paid those guys a ton of money. Would they, could they deal again. We got the answer and it was a resounding yes.

Pomenville should have some motivation to play well and be a contributor to the club. His new team is playoff bound and has a real shot at winning the Northwest division.

This is another great day in the state of hockey. Chuck Fletcher is proving to be a great GM. Last year prior to signing Parise and Suter I had criticized the GM. Today and has been for the past few months I’m singing his praise. The guy has done a remarkable job.

I feel like shouting out loud “Go Wild Go”,” Go Wild Go”. Yes sir and yes ma'am. I sure want to scream but I can’t right now. So I’m silently screaming and cheering and going absolutely ape. Yes I am. Yes I am.

This is another crazy and exciting day for me and my fellow Wild fans. We’re seeing our team playing good hockey and positioning themselves for a run and we’re seeing our GM making great move after great move.

Do I sound like I’m out of my mind? You betcha I am. It’s a sunny day out side (still pretty cold) and it’s a warm day in my heart. I love this trade and think the Wild have added another winning ingredient to the team.

Only time will tell how this deal plays out but I’m guessing it will work out pretty well. Wild fans; it’s time to sing, dance and rejoice. We are no longer the doormat of the NHL. Our team no longer sits by watching other teams pass us by. Our team’s management is taking the bull by the horns and making something happen. Now it’s time for our players to produce like they have been this season and make great things happen on the ice.

Go Wild Go! Go Wild Go! Go Wild Go!

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