Friday, April 5, 2013

Mike McNeil is McStupid and Probably McDone

Mike McNeil a former safety on Auburn's 2010 national championship team is facing 20 years to life in prison. Prosecutors allege that McNeil was involved in an armed robbery and home invasion. One of his alleged co-conspirators has already been convicted and is in jail. Two other co-conspirators await trial.

McNeil turned down a plea deal that would have seen the guy receive a three year sentence. He refused because he says he's innocent. I know he's presumed to be innocent until proven guilty but how many thugs actually admit their crime?

The guy is either stupid or is really innocent. If I were a betting man I would bet on the former. If I'm right and this thug is found guilty then he will indeed be McDone. He would then have to throw in the towel as we throw away the key.

Maybe this guy thinks he can beat the system because he's a former college football star. The guy is living in McFantasy land. The number of people actually charged with these types of crimes who are innocent is remote. Sure errors are made and innocent people are charged and convicted of crimes. That's the law of averages.

I don't think that the law of averages is on this guy's side. I think this guy should rethink the offer made by prosecutors. I think it was an extremely generous offer, unless of course the prosecution is scared of losing. As I said I don't think that's the case.

The fact that his attorney asked to be removed from the case (which was turned down by the judge) leads me to believe that McStupid is too much for his own lawyer to deal with. I'm sure his lawy is shaking his head in disbelief and thinking to himself "I have to represent this clown?"

In his lawyer's statement he didn't come to his client’s defense in a strong way. He said that his client said he is guilty and that he would represent him to the best of his abilities. That's hardly a show of support to his client. It's not like McNeil’s own lawyer is showing too much faith in this guy.

I might be totally wrong in my belief of the guy's guilt and I'm not a lawyer but I haven't read anything that McNel has shown the media that points to his innocence. Sometimes a guy has to man up and accept being punished for his crimes. If he doesn't, a judge will crucify him if he's found guilty.

Since he's proven to be a terrible criminal (if he did the crime), my guess is that he's an even worse gambler. While his pot of gold for winning this gamble could be great (his freedom), his losses will be immense.

Mike McNeil seems to be McStupid and one thing that is clear to me is that he stands a great chance of being McDone.

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