Friday, April 19, 2013

Mark Sanchez Proves That the New York Jets Are Made Up Of Knuckleheads

You know the day is going great when another member of the New York Jets decided to stir things up by making outlandish claims to the media. Thank You Mark Sanchez for giving me more material for an article. Thank you New York Jets for hiring/signing knuckleheads.

So what did Mark Sanchez say now? Mark Sanchez blames the New York Jets for the media circus surrounding Tim Tebow last season. I believe that in an indirect way, Sanchez is blaming his dismal season on the media circus and the Jets for allowing it.

Bottom line is that Sanchez was an embarrassment and failure last season, which was highlighted by his now famous and comedic butt fumble. He was a disaster on the field. He was inept and incompetent and that can’t be blamed on anyone else than Mark Sanchez.

Mark Sanchez has to realize that he’s fighting for his job at starting quarterback for the New York Jets. He should remain focused on fighting for his job and sticking to what he thinks he knows best and that’s football.

You don’t see guys like Peyton Manning throwing their team under the bus or acting like a clown. Guys like Manning are successful because they are dedicated to their craft. They are focused on being better players and winning. Mark Sanchez is showing us that he’s truly outclassed by guys like Peyton. Heck he probably isn’t even as good as Ryan Leaf was and that’s pretty pathetic.

OK, that was a low blow but Sanchez deserves that. He’s proving that he isn’t a leader and has no clue how to dedicate himself to football. Sanchez should take a book out of the Tim Tebow story and that’s working hard and being a good teammate. Acting like a media whore is not beneficial to the New York Jets or himself.

At some point you would think that the Jets would want to distance themselves from this type of publicity and self destruction. Maybe it’s time for the Jets to surround themselves with professionals who want to win at the game of football and not the game of providing sound bytes to the media.

While my attention has been on Mark Sanchez and his moronic claims, one thing is evident to me; The New York Jets are made up of knuckle heads.

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