Thursday, April 18, 2013

Lakers Take Control Of Their Destiny to Earn the Seventh Seed In the Playoffs

All my articles related to the Los Angeles Lakers this season have been critical of just about everything with Lois Angeles Lakers organization. From management to Mike D’Antoni and the overplayed and overhyped Dwight Howard, this team has been a complete disaster.

I’m still not a fan of Mike D’Antoni and Dwight Howard. As far as D’Antoni is concerned I don’t think he will lead the team deep into the playoffs, ever. As far as Dwight Howard is concerned the guy is full of drama and underachiever.

With that said the Los angles Lakers earned a playoff spot and the seventh seed by defeating the Houston Rockets on Wednesday night. The Lakers took control of their own destiny. A Lakers loss and a Utah Jazz victory would have eliminated the Lakers.

Not only did the Utah Jazz lose their game which earned the Lakers a playoff birth but the Lakers did their part, not leaving their fate to another team. The Lakers deserve credit for that. They deserve credit for going on a five game winning streak ensuring that they would be participants in this year’s NBA playoffs and not spectators.

It should come of little surprise that Dwight Howard and the Lakers would maker the playoffs with Kobe Bryant being sidelined due to a season ending Achilles injury. I think Dwight Howard is a selfish player and one who demands the spotlight. I think the guy can be a pretty good player when he’s the man and he proved that last night in the Lakers overtime victory over the Houston Rockets.

One thing that Dwight doesn’t do well with is when he has to be part of a team effort and play with other players who are stars in their own right and are equally talented as he is or better as is the case with Kobe.

It’s fairly common for teams to win a few games after their star player and leader is injured but in this circumstance with the playoffs on the line and the Lakers needing to pull out all the stops, they did just that and more.

So I’m going to make a bold prediction and one that might come as a complete shock to those of you who’ve read my articles in the past. The Los Angeles Lakers will defeat the San Antonio Spurs four games to three and win their first round series against the Spurs.

Another reason that I think that the Lakers will win is that the Lakers have been getting away with tons of fouls lately, while the officials look the other way. They do seem to be getting the benefit of the calls and that will continue int he first round of the playoffs.

The Lakers have played San Antonio three times this season and won only one of those games but those games have been very close affairs. Here are the results of those games:
San Antonio 84 Los Angeles 82
San Antonio 108 Los Angeles 105
Los Angeles 91 San Antonio 86

When you total the score of those three games the teams both scored a total of 278 points. They are evenly matched and the only victory for the Lakers came without Kobe and the Lakers needing a victory in their last couple of games to ensure their spot in the playoffs.

The Spurs will enter the playoffs having lost three straight games while the Lakers have won five games in a row. The Lakers are on a roll and I think that it won’t be until the second round that they will be stopped and sent packing.

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