Sunday, April 21, 2013

It Seems as if Every Goalie the Minnesota Wild has Faced in the Past Two Weeks is Going to be a Future Hall of Famer

In the past two weeks the Wild have played less like a playoff caliber team and more like an inept bunch of clowns. It also seems as if the Wild are playing against future Hall of Fame goalies. That's what the announcers who call the Wild games would have you beleive.

The Wild have dominated games but the opposing netminder seems to make a million saves and look like the next NHL superstar. Their opponents could call a guy up from Peru and the Wild could pepper him with the shots and the call up would look the best goalie in the world..

I think that it's becoming clear that the Minnesota Wild is making the opposing netminder look great. Sure they've faced goalies that've had good games but the Wild have missed wide open nets by shooting the puck right at the goalie. It's the Wild's inability to score that is the problem, not the opposing goalie.

The Wild's top line is doing a great job creating scoring chances. It's the rest of the team that needs to step it up a bit. The Wild seem to have a lack of urgency and I think that they believe that they can just back into the playoffs. If that's their attitude, they will be watching the playoffs in the same manner that the Calgary Flames will be and that will be in the friendly confines of their living rooms.

Speaking of the Calgary Flames; The Wild faced the Flames at home on Sunday night. The Wild were supposed to kick off three games against sub-par teams at home. The Flames were the first of those teams. The wild had most of the scoring chances in the first two periods but could only score one goal. That ended up biting the team in their caboose and the Wild went on to lose the game 4-1.

The Flames called up seven players from the AHL for Sunday's game. The Wild couldn't beat a bunch of amateurs tonight. That's embarrassing and pathetic. That's not good enough. The wild seem to be a team with a roster full of Devin "Sucksoguchi" Setoguchi's. Setoguchi seems to be in the right place all the time but fails to score goals. He finds a way not to score goals.

Setoguchi's inept playing is rubbing off on the whole team. The Wild have chance after chance but seems to pull off a Setoguchi every time they have the opportunity to score goals.

The Wild have 3 games left to seal the deal and make the playoffs. By all accounts they should be able to do so but they will have to play like a team that's desperate to make the playoffs and not a team that feels destined to make them.

Do I sound like an angry fan? Yes I do but the team's inabilities to win games and their monumental brain farts a few times a game in their own end of the ice is getting old. It's time for the Wild to play like a playoff team and not an AHL one.

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