Friday, April 19, 2013

Is Rex Ryan Now an MLB Analyst?

Is Rex Ryan now an MLB analyst? Maybe he would be better at that line of work than he is at coaching an NFL team. With Ryan’s tenure as the New York Jets on the line, crusty the clown decided to take a shot at the Baltimore Orioles.

Why is this guy so upset? He is outraged that the Baltimore Orioles wouldn’t move their home game on September 5th which is the NFL season opener. The Ravens will be playing in the NFL opener. The defending Super Bowl champions share a parking lot with the Orioles. Now the Ravens have to start the season on the road at the Denver Broncos.

Ryan thinks that the Orioles should have moved the game to a road game and play 82 games on the road (Usually play 81) and play 80 games at home. That would be one less home game for the Orioles.

It seems as if Rex Ryan has lost his mind. Why should the Orioles forgo the revenue earned from that game? That is idiotic. What do they owe the NFL? Bubkus.

The other thing is logistics. Why should the Orioles and Major League Baseball spend the time and money to accommodate the NFL. It’s ludicrous. Rex is back to his old tricks, opening his pie hole and yearning for the spotlight and media attention.

Ryan can’t garner that attention by putting a winning product on the field, so he has to resort to being a clown and acting like an infant.

It doesn’t seem like this NFL opener situation bothers anyone else other than Rex Ryan; MLB analyst and resident buffoon.

Ryan should focus on wining football games. His last two seasons have been terrible and the 2012 campaign was an utter joke and embarrassment. Ryan needs to gain some clarity and composure or he will continue on a downward spiral and take the New York Jets with him.

The New York Jets should have fired Rex Ryan after last season’s embarrassment. Ryan has consciously acted like an immature brat. His lack of professionalism is hurting the team. He doesn’t seem to have a handle on things and is resorting to nonsense.

Rex Ryan’s actions hurt the team’s image. Rex Ryan should be fired now. I believe he will continue to embarrass the organization and it doesn’t seem like he’s focused on football. He’d rather chime in on other sports other than NFL football and the New York Jets.

I actually hope that Ryan continues with his antics. I’m not a Jets fan and would love if they continued to stink up the field. Ryan is also good for some laughs. Keep up the bad work Rex. I love it.

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