Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Is Lamar Odom A Piece of Cow Dung?

ESPN “Outside the Lines” investigated how Lamar Odom’s charity Cathy’s Kids used donations to the charity. Cathy’s Kids is a cancer charity set-up in memory of Odom’s late mother. Donors have donated over $2.2 million to the charity. Outside the lines found no evidence that any money went to fight cancer. Outside the Lines accuses Lamar of using that money to fund two elite youth traveling basketball teams.

When confronted with the question about the discrepancy, Odom said that it was his money. Is Lamar Odom A piece of cow dung? If he’s guilty of the allegations, I believe he is. At the very least he is garbage and an evil person. At the most he might have broken the law. The key word here is might?

If Lamar set-up the charity as a non profit (most are tax-exempt) and he set-up the charity as a cancer charity and received donations from people who believed they were giving money to a cancer charity, Lamar might be guilty of fraud and tax violations.

Now Lamar is presumed innocent but his initial reactions to questions about his charity’s potential abuse is disappointing and shows me that he’s hiding something.

I think that a terrible human being would take money from people who believed they were donating money to a cancer charity and use a majority of that money to fund two elite traveling basketball teams.

I’ve commented about many losers in my opinion pieces but if these allegations are true, Lamar Odom is near the top of the list among those professional athletes that are despicable people.

If these allegations are true, how can this guy sleep at night? How can he tarnish his late mother’s memory? What type of person would do such a disgraceful thing? I think a piece of garbage and a piece of cow dung would do those things.

As I said earlier, we need to presume that Odom is innocent of these allegations but right now it’s hard for me to believe that Lamar is indeed free from criticism in this story. His initial reaction to “Outside the Line’s” question raises doubt in my mind that Lamar was doing the honorable thing with his charity.

If he’s innocent why, didn’t Lamar explain what really happened? He could have even said he would issue a statement at a later date. He didn’t do that. Instead he said it was his money. If he donated every dime that the charity received he might have a point (unless he set-up the charity as an official cancer research charity) but if he received a dime from other donors, it isn’t his money and he would have taken that money on false pretenses.

It sure looks like Lamar set-up a cancer charity, took millions of dollars in donations and used that money to fund something entirely different than cancer research.

Am I being harsh calling Odom names? Maybe but it’s potential name calling. If he’s innocent then he’s a great guy. If there is any truth to these allegations then he’s a despicable person. Why should I treat a person like that with respect?

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