Saturday, April 13, 2013

How Would You Describe Alex Rodriguez? Adud, Aroid or Afraud

So how would you describe Alex Rodriguez? Adud, Aroid or Afraud? All of the above as far as I'm concerned. The guy is a piece of cow dung as far as I'm concerned and I believe the latest allegations against this creep are true. Sure they're allegations and yet to be proven but I think that I smell a rat and that rat is Alex Rodriguez. OK, that's another word to describe this disgrace of baseball player.

So what is Alex Rodriguez accused of now? According to MLB investigators, they say they have evidence that a Representative of Alex Rodriguez purchased medical records with the intent to destroy those records. Those records come from a South Florida clinic that is believed to have supplied Alex Rodriguez with banned substances. If that allegation is true Alex Rodriguez is a fraud and a cheat. I believe the allegations are true.

Why do I believe they are true? Alex Rodriguez has done nothing to prove that he's a decent person or a player that plays by the rules. The guy has admitted to using steroids in the past and that makes him Aroid. Yes, Aroid. I believe that once a cheat always a cheat. So maybe we can call him Acheat?

Alex Rodriguez is the type of player that gives baseball a bad name. He doesn't seem to be believable. He's easy to dislike. He's one of those players who emit grossness when you look at their face. There's nothing of substance with the guy as far as I'm concerned. I believe cheating oozes out of his pours. That makes the guy Adud.

Alex Rodriguez is easy to pick on these days. His game has gone south, his attitude is in the toilet and his believability is nonexistent. This is my opinion. Do I have evidence that these latest allegations are true? Of course not but his character speaks for itself as far as I'm concerned about. His characters is disgusting. His attempts to say he's innocent proves to me that the guy is gutless as well.

I'm sure there will be people who believe in this guy. There are always people who can't see the truth even when it hits them smack dab in the face. I hope that MLB will uncover enough evidence to prove that Rodriguez is the creep that I believe he is and I hope it's enough evidence to ruin his career and already damaged reputation.

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