Monday, March 11, 2013

The Vikings Sweep Away the Rubbish - Percy Harvin Traded

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Today the Vikings cleaned part of their house by sweeping away the rubbish. That rubbish is Percy Harvin, the disgruntled player who requested a trade. The Vikings obliged this ingrate and traded him to the Seattle Seahawks. They are better off without this poor excuse of a professional football player.

Harvin has been a disruption year after year. He argued with coaches on the sideline and he also made his feelings known publicly. The guy is a joke. Sure he has talent, when he actually plays but the guy is a disruption. He was known for being a disruption in college and that didn't disappear in the NFL.

Some Vikings fans might be upset with the trade but I think the vast majority of Vikings fans grew frustrated with Harvin's actions, lack of professionalism and lack of loyalty to the club.

Harvin requested to be traded. The Vikings were lucky to find a suitor for Harvin. Thankfully the Seahawks wanted this guy and were willing to take the risk that he will start to act like a decent human being. I wouldn't have taken that risk. Harvin has proved one thing to me; he's a disruption to his team and teammates. The guy is a perennial complainer.

As you can tell by now, I'm one of the fans that is happy that Harvin was traded. I grew to dislike him and I even resented his unprofessional attitude. I believe that the Vikings will be better off without that rubbish. They will now be able to focus on moving forward and won't have to deal constant disruptions from a disgruntled player.

Harvin wanted to be signed to a contract that a #1 NFL receiver would get. I don't think that he's worth that type of coin. The Vikings couldn't take a chance that he would be happy even if he got the contract that he wanted.

I think that Harvin will be an OK player but he's going to miss games due to injuries. Seattle fans will grow to dislike him and his attitude. It will be too late to do anything because they will have signed him to a huge contract.

I say good riddance to Harvin. Now my Vikings can move on without him and they're better for it.

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