Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Denver Broncos Went To The Welker And Got Their Wish

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The Denver Broncos went to the Well and got their wish granted in the form of wide receiver Wes Welker. The Broncos added another weapon for Peyton Manning (as if he needed one). This was a great acquisition for the Broncos and I believe it leaves the Patriots with a void.

Sure the Patriots went out and acquired Danny Amendola the former St. Louis receiver. Sure Amendola is younger and has more years to of service to provide the Patriots but it will take time for Tom Brady and Amendola to gain chemistry and I think that it's doubtful that they will ever have the same chemistry as Brady and Welker had. I don't think that Brady has the time to wait ether.

Wes Welker Autographed Photo - 16x20 GATom Brady took a pay cut this off season to make cap room for the Patriots to sign his favorite receiver. How did the Patriots reward one of the greatest QBs in the history of the game? They refused to match the Broncos offer.

Welker gave the Patriots a chance to match the Broncos offer and they scoffed at that. In fact they signed Anendola to a contract worth one million dollars a year more than Welker's deal. The Patriots think Anendola is worth more?

That's horse manure. It's ridiculous and it's the team's pride getting in their way. It's as if they were saying to Welker "how dare you test the free agency market...that's what you want?...Good Riddance to you". That's childish and amateurish. They allowed the most productive receiver in the past few years to leave for a team with a future Hall of Famer. I think this was a bad move.

Welker has been a loyal and productive player for the Patriots. The team had a chance of rewarding him for his service as well as rewarding Brady for taking a pay cut. The Patriots failed here and I'm sure Brady isn't happy about that.

If I were a Patriots fan I would be upset. The fan favorite Welker was shoved out the door and bullied. The Patriots showed absolutely no class and loyalty.

For a club that usually makes the right choices I think they blew this one. Of course the future will tell the real story and either prove me right or wrong. Since I'm a Manning, Welker and Broncos fan I hope that the future proves me right and the Patriots wrong.

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