Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Coyotes Downed in OT

You’ve watched the Warner Bros. cartoon with the Roadrunner and the Coyote haven’t you? That poor Coyote loses every time and tonight wasn’t any different. This time it was the Minnesota Wild who defeated the Coyotes…the Phoenix Coyotes.

I won’t say poor Coyotes. They’re the team that I dislike the most in the NHL. So the victory in front of a packed Xcel Energy Center was a joyous moment. In fact this Wild fan was so excited by the overtime (OT) winner that he nearly blew off the roof to his house.

I was watching the game with my wife (who is a little calmer than I am). When I saw the Wild’s two goal lead evaporate in the second period and actually become a one goal lead for Phoenix in the third period I was upset but I had faith in my team.

I also had faith that the Coyotes would respond the same way the Coyote has always responded to the Roadrunner…in defeat. So when the Wild were on the power play at the start of OT, you had this feeling that the Coyotes fate had been sealed.

The reality is that the Coyotes escaped the penalty without surrendering a goal but the Wild scored just seconds after it expired and that was that for the Coyotes.

The win left our Minnesota Wild atop their division and in third spot in the conference. The Wild have been playing inspired hockey in the past 15 games. They’ve been scoring goals and playing well. In fact they have been a joy to watch at both ends of the ice (defense and offense).

Wild fans finally have a team that they can believe in. When this team takes the ice, you believe that a victory is imminent. They’re playing that well and it’s all coming together at the most important time of the season.

So, I woke up this morning with a big fat smile on my face. Not only because my Minnesotah Wild won the game but also because they defeated the Coyotes, Roadrunner style.

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