Friday, March 1, 2013

Rory McIlroy is a Pain in the Tooth

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Rory McIlroy has become one of the elite golfers on the PGA tour. He is a young guy who's already won two majors in the PGA. He is a star. He's been a great story about a young golfer who could become the new face of golf.

That was until today when Rory became a pain in the tooth. You know that nagging pain that just makes you feel horrible, gives you a headache and has you looking for a piece of string to pull that nagging tooth out? Rory McIlroy walked out of the Honda classic midway through Friday's round after posting a terrible score throughout the round. He just walked off the course.

When he walked off the course he said he was in bad place mentally. Then he issued a statement that it was his wisdom tooth that needed to be pulled. Yeah right Rory. I'm not buying it out. You are now a pain in my tooth. You're a nag. You're gutless.

I've never heard of a professional PGA player doing this unless they were truly injured or had substance abuse problems. I see how having a painful wisdom tooth could be nagging but putting you in a bad place mentally? I don't think so.

I think Rory is just a spoiled young man who's had too many good things that have come easily. Now when the game gets tough and he has to hunker down and work hard, the baby walks off the course. That's ridiculous and laughable.

In my book, Rory has gone from a great golfer with limitless potential to someone who is a spoiled man who has no respect for the game. You don't do that, especially if you're a professional golfer. You should respect the game.

Rory did the opposite today. He disrespected the game. He snubbed the game and he stuck his middle finger at the game. Today Rory McIlroy became a pain in the tooth.

For his pathetic behavior McIlroy is Friday's Fool of the Day.

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