Monday, March 18, 2013

Robert Kraft's Argument is Cheesy

Article written by Sportmentary - Editor in Chief Sportmentary Online Sports Talk
On Monday New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft defended his team's decision not to sign Wes Welker by blaming the receiver's agent. Kraft's blame game and explanation was not only cheesy it was akin to fuzzy math.

Kraft claims that the Patriots actually offered Welker more money. Welker signed a two year deal with the Denver Broncos worth 12 million dollars (six million dollars per year with the Broncos having the option of releasing Welker after one year).

It has been reported that New England's deal was a ten million two year deal. That seems to fall two million short but CPA want to be Kraft said his deal was actually worth a couple of million dollars more. How is that possible? Kraft claims that there were six million in incentives.

I'll stop with Kraft's explanation right there. Kraft is being disingenuous. He's trying to make up some garbage because Patriots fans are upset that the team would let the fan favorite go. Kraft is either an idiot or a guy who played games with Welker.

I believe he isn't an idiot. I believe that Kraft offered Welker a horse manure type of deal. Denver was willing to offer Welker a base salary that showed respect for the receiver. I believe that the Patriots were never really interested in signing Welker. I believe that their negotiations were filled with smoke and mirrors.

Kraft can now say he wanted Welker to remain with the Patriots but they jerked the guy around for two years. The guy was extremely productive and how did they respond? Not only did they try and short change the guy, they are now criticizing his agent which in turn is criticizing Wes Welker.

Sure Kraft is doing damage control but in my mind he's made things worse. The person responsible for his PR should be fired. I believe that Kraft will be seen as a guy who's in control of a team that attempts to jerk around their players. Kraft comes across as a two faced jerk.

That's my opinion of Kraft. I wish he would have just shut his pie hole or admitted his team made a mistake. To criticize one of his most productive players that his team has had is disgusting. I believe most Patriots fans will see through Kraft's sleazy actions.

For his attempt at smoke and mirrors, Robert Kraft is today's Fool of the Day.

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