Saturday, March 9, 2013

Phoenix No Longer At The Bottom Of The 2013 NHL Attendance List

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The Phoenix Coyotes are no longer in last place on the 2013 NHL home attendance list. That distinction can now be claimed by the Brooklyn, I mean New York Islanders. If you're a Coyotes fan you shouldn't get too excited. The Coyotes will be in a battle for last place with New York until the season ends.

At this point in the season the Islanders trail the Phoenix Coyotes by 1,208 paying customers through 14 games. That amounts to the Islanders receiving 86 less paying customer per game. With 14 home games remaining for both clubs, the fight for the gate is on.

I think that the Coyotes might edge out the Islanders. That means that the Coyotes will have improved from last season when they were dead last in attendance. Maybe that GOALden ticket promotion is working after all. Prior to the Coyotes unveiling their blockbuster promotion they were last in attendance.

OK folks. We shouldn't become too excited about this change of status for the Coyotes. Being 29th out of 30 teams is still an embarrassment for a franchise that is trying to convince the hockey world that Phoenix deserves to remain in the NHL.

The team's argument to remain in the league was lost on me years ago. In fact it was lost on me the day that the team moved from Winnipeg to the barren landscape of Arizona. I thought that move was dumb. Of all the places to relocate to, the original Jets moved to desert.

That move and the NHL's support and financial backing has failed miserably. Phoenix has become a joke. Keeping the team in Phoenix is ridiculous. It's a bad business decision. The NHL owns the coyotes and they are losing money hand over fist on this team.

The NHL should move the team to a market that understands and loves hockey. The NHL needs to recoup their losses and I don't think they will do that the longer the team remains in Phoenix.

I know what you're thinking? Yes I hate the Coyotes. I always have. I cheer for their failure. The team's failure makes me happy. It puts me in a good mood. So call me biased. I don't care. I do care that Phoenix doesn't deserve an NHL franchise.

I also believe that the team can barely give tickets away to a hockey game. I believe that hockey in Arizona is a joke and has been a big failure. I believe the only thing left for the NHL to do regarding the Coyotes is removing them from the desert. I believe that should happen quickly.

In fact I believe that the NHL should have moved the team shortly after taking over control of the franchise. If the NHL can't find an owner capable of keeping the team in Phoenix and they haven't, they should ship them out. If and when that happens I will probably throw a celebration party. I can't wait for the franchise to say "Goodbye Phoenix...thanks for the memories". Wow that would be great wouldn't it?

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