Friday, March 29, 2013

One of the Dumbest Contract Extensions in NFL History

The Dallas Cowboys signed Tony Romo to the most lucrative contract in Dallas Cowboys history and one of the dumbest contract extensions in NFL history. So what is the deal worth to Tony Romo? It’s worth six years and $108 million. That’s 18 million per year folks. This is an idiotic extension.

What is the deal worth to the Dallas Cowboys? It’s a waste of money on a quarterback that has proven one thing to Cowboys fans and the NFL; the guy isn’t a winner. He’s won only one playoff game in his career. Romo also has shown NFL fans that he’s great and turning the ball over or making dumb mistakes at the most inopportune times.

So the Cowboys are rewarding a perennial underachiever and losing quarterback. How do I find a job like that? How do I get paid an obscene amount of money by underachieving for my employer?

If Tony Romo is making $18 million per year then Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady should be earning $48 million per year. Romo isn’t anywhere in sniffing distance of those elite quarterbacks and future NFL Hall of Famers but he sure is getting paid like them.

This contract extension makes Jerry Jones look like an idiot. I think the guy has lost touch with reality and he obviously loves wasting and throwing away his money. He must love not getting a return for his investment.

If Jones was concerned about investing wisely he would have dumped Romo. At the very least he wouldn’t have paid the guy more than $10 million per year and even that’s a stretch in my opinion.

Romo has been a huge failure and is a terrible investment. The guy is not worth this kind of money; not even close to it. What type of contract extension would have been fair? A one year deal worth $9 million would have been the right type of deal to offer the guy. If he didn’t like it they could have let the guy walk.

For their inexplicable decision to sign Romo to a ridiculous contract extension the Dallas Cowboys are Friday's Fool of the Day.


  1. Jerry Jones is a complete idot! Worst deal in NFL History...Nuff Said!!

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