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Those Obnoxious Uniforms Worn By The Vancouver Canucks Tonight Were Distracting

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OK, I understand the nostalgia and desire to play homage to a historic team that came before them and set the stage for professional hockey on the west coast. I understand Vancouver’s joy of celebrating 100 years of hockey in the region but seriously folks; the obnoxious uniforms worn by the Vancouver Canucks on Saturday night in honor of the Vancouver Millionaires was not only obnoxious and atrocious but they were distracting as well.

I can’t watch the game. Those uniforms are horrid. We shouldn’t be surprised that the Canucks would wear such putrid unis since they have a great history of donning uniforms that have been not only laughable but hard on the eyes as well.

I’m sure I’m not making friends by being critical of the Canucks uniform choice tonight. I should be embracing their decision to honor the Millionaires shouldn’t I? Honoring the team is one thing but looking like clowns on the ice is quite another. Couldn’t they honor the team with a ceremony prior to the start of the game? Couldn’t they have unveiled a new banner to be hung at Rogers Arena for everyone to see? That would have spared people like me the displeasure of seeing those uniforms.

The Canucks looked like football players on the ice. I know I’m being tough on the Canucks but I just can’t watch the game. It’s distracting and is taking away from my viewing experience.

According to CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada, there was Quite the buzz around Vancouver regarding the team’s decision to wear the uniforms. Apparently Red Wings head coach Mike Babcock didn’t know anything about that decision and during a skate earlier in the day he was heard asking what team that was on the ice. The Canucks was the team on the ice.

Canucks fans flocked to the arena to support the Canucks decision to honor 100 years of hockey in the west coast. They sold out the place and they might not have done that but for the celebration.

I wonder if any player from the Detroit Redwings will dare to give their opinion of those uniforms but it would be hilarious if they did.

I wonder what uniform is in store for them to wear in the future. I’m sure it will be just as pathetic as the ones worn on Saturday night.

The Canucks looked ridiculous on the ice. It looked like there was only one NHL team on the ice. That would be the Detroit Red Wings.

Vancouver Canucks Retro Millionaires Uniform

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