Sunday, March 17, 2013

Nick Diaz of UFC is a Tax Cheat

Article written by Sportmentary - Editor in Chief Sportmentary Online Sports Talk
I will say it right off the top. I dislike and despise garbage that knowingly and willfully doesn't pay their taxes. Most people pay taxes. Most hard working people pay their taxes. Most people live up to their obligation and while they're in Rome they do as they're told. In this case you can think of the IRS as Rome.

UFC's Nick Diaz admitted after he lost to George St-Pierre in UFC 158 that he has "never paid taxes". That will hopefully land this criminal in jail. Note to moron: Don't admit to your crime publicly. The authorities might come after you.

Diaz is either one of the biggest losers out there or is so punch drunk from taking too many blows to the head. I think he just a plain old criminal. I don't think we should make excuses for this guy. He was just trying to take the easy way out by not paying taxes.

Hey Nick, maybe it's time that you hire an accountant. They might be able to assist you in fulfilling your tax obligations.

Nick Diaz was as bad a fighter as a tax payer in his match against St-Pierre. Diaz claims he didn't prepare well for the fight but I think he was taking the easy way out on the fight as well.

Nick, you better start getting your act together. You're a tax cheat and fraud in the UFC ring. You should seek out professional help. You're in a free fall into failure. You're making a complete donkey of yourself.

Nick actually might get some help. It looks like some in the sport might come to his aid. In this case I believe in tough love. Nick needs to pay for the crime. That's the only way he'll learn his lesson.

If Nick really has some sort of brain damage, he should get the help he needs and should be banned from the sport so that he doesn't receive any more damage to his noggin.

For cheating the taxman Diaz is today's Fool of the Day.

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