Friday, March 29, 2013

Kobe is D’Antoni’s New Fall Guy

When you’re a failure as a Lakers coach and you don’t have an adequate defensive system it’s easy to pick a fall guy. Heck, you’re not going to call yourself out are you? Not if you’re Mike D’Antoni.

Last night, Mike D’Antoni called out Kobe Bryant who is injured and left the court after the game with a bone spur. Mike D’Antoni questioned the future hall of famer’s ball handling.

D’Antoni was mad that the Lakers squandered a 13 point lead but blaming Kobe is not the answer to a poor system. That should fall squarely on the lap of one of the worst Lakers coaches to ever have the opportunity of sitting on the sidelines.

Kobe had 30 points in the game and did it being injured. Kobe has been one of the few bright spots this season and but for him taking the court on game day/night, the Lakers would be at least 10 games out of a playoff spot.

Kobe has defended D’Antoni but maybe it’s time for him to throw Mike under the bus. D’Antoni doesn’t seem to think twice before passing the blame on to someone else. He has no qualms about publicly criticizing Kobe.

The Lakers front office has stocked their team with a bunch of misfits. Unfortunately the biggest misfit is their head coach Mike D’Antoni. I've written a number of articles criticizing the Lakers for hiring D’Antoni.

I believe with the right coach…let’s say Phil Jackson, the Lakers could have been a team to have finished in the 4th or 5th spot in the conference. While that isn't great it would have given this club a chance in the playoffs. Now the Lakers are fighting to make the playoffs.

Sure the Lakers have had injuries but they've looked like a dazed and confused team out their. Their poor defense should be blamed on a coach that many Lakers fans and basketball analysts believed wouldn't be a good fit for the club.

Now they are being proven right. Defense is to blame for the team’s troubles. The Lakers have scored about 102 points per game. That’s good enough to be ranked 6th overall in the NBA. The problem is that they have given up 101 points per game. That’s good enough for 26th overall.

Those numbers are not good enough. To have a chance the Lakers would need to average about 110 points per game. If we go back and listen to the press conference when D’Antoni was officially announced as the new head coach of the Lakers, he only talked about offense.

I think I remember him saying that if his team didn't have an overpowering offense and score tons of point that he would be to blame. Well Mike your team is scoring points but it’s not as good as you would have liked. So take the blame and stop throwing your players under the bus for your failures.

One more thing Mike; the fact that your team has one of the worst defenses in the NBA is not only your fault but proves to Lakers nation that you were the wrong man for the Lakers job.

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