Saturday, March 30, 2013

Kansas Jayhawks Blow A Tire At The Finish Line

College basketball fans who hate the Kansas Jayhawks are in heaven tonight as Kansas blew a tire at the finish line against the Michigan Wolverines in Friday's Sweet 16 match-up. With 1:22 remaining in the game and the Jayhawks were holding an eight point lead. The Jayhawks crumbled when it counted most.

The Jayhawks were the #1 seed in the South Region. They were one of the favorites to win it all. Not only will that not happen but the team found a way to have one of the worst collapses in recent years at the NCAA tournament. How do you blow an eight point lead with less than a minute and a half remaining?

This game was a bracket breaker. It is a total disaster for the Jayhawks and their fans. Did the unthinkable happen? If you're a Jayhawks fan, you're not living in reality so yes this is a shocker. Jayhawks fans think their team can turn their intensity on and off at will.

They were able to do that against inferior opponents in the first two rounds. Tonight they learned their lesson and were put in their place. The school's cockiness and ego was burned tonight. Yes it was. They blew a lead late in the game and couldn't turn the intensity back on could they? Of course couldn't.

They handed the Wolverines the game on a silver platter. They couldn't have served the Wolverines a victory any better than what they did on Friday night.

Come on Jayhawks fans, like I said to Kentucky fans a week ago, turn your frowns upside down and look at the bright side. What bright side? Your team choked. They crumbled. They had this game in hand and they let it slip away into oblivion. That was an awesome sight to see wasn't it?

I love it. I absolutely love it. Listening to Jayhawks fans makes me want to hurl sometimes. Tonight they will be doing the hurling. Man I'd hate to be in Lawrence right now. Those Jayhawks fans have to be in complete and utter shock, anger, denial and distress.

As I said earlier, turn your frowns upside down.

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