Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Is the NFL Truly Full of Parody?

Article written by Dave Thomas - Guest poster.
For those who live and breathe NFL action, you might have come across a recent Yahoo online piece, wondering who the next Super Bowl champion might be.

Getting directly to the point, which of the teams that have never won the title would find themselves capturing a first-ever Lombardi Trophy?

As it stands now, 14 of the current era 32 teams have never taken the trophy home with them, a rather astounding number if you stop and think about it.

If you are not up to speed on your Super Bowl history, it can be noted that Pittsburgh is the only franchise to win six, with Dallas and San Francisco tied at five.

Among those never to get to the big dance, you have Cleveland, Detroit, Houston and Jacksonville.

Those who have reached the biggest game of the year, that is only to walk home with the moniker of second best, include Minnesota and Buffalo (both 0-4), Cincinnati and Philadelphia (both 0-2), and one-time losers Arizona, Atlanta, Carolina, San Diego, Seattle and Tennessee. Other than New Orleans capturing the trophy in Super Bowl XLIV, there has been no first-time champ in the last decade.

So, what gives with nearly half of the NFL’s teams still coming up empty or not even getting to the big game in February?

While free agency does certainly have an impact on the league today more so than back when Pittsburgh (1970s), San Francisco (1980s) and Dallas (1990s) were the dominating teams, a number of factors goes into 14 teams never claiming a title.

In looking at a number of the group of 14, you have things like bad draft choices, untimely injuries to the team’s superstar, an unwillingness in some of the smaller markets for owners to spend a ton of money, and being in the wrong division at the wrong time.

The Mistake By the Lake
If you use the Browns as an example, here is a franchise (the original Browns, not the team formed in the aftermath of moving to Baltimore) that has not always drafted well, not been able to lure big-time free agents, and plays in a division (AFC North) where it must contend with Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and Cincinnati on a regular basis. When you add up all those factors, life can be difficult by the lake.

Another factor that has hampered some clubs is getting off to slow starts, then if they are lucky enough to make the playoffs, potentially going one-and-done on the road. Although both this season’s Super Bowl participants (Baltimore and San Francisco) showed that they could win big playoff games on the road, it never hurts to get that 12th man behind you come playoff time.

In looking at the teams that have either never won a Super Bowl or even gotten there for that matter, none of the 14 jumps out at me as a bona fide Lombardi Trophy contender anytime soon.

For those who love old-school football, a Cleveland vs. Detroit Super Bowl would be enticing, but the odds of that happening in the near future are as great as New England head coach Bill Belichick dressing like the late Tom Landry on the sidelines.

Of the 14 who have never won a Super Bowl, who will be the next to break through?

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