Thursday, March 28, 2013

Has Robert Guerrero Taken too Many Shots to the Head?

Robert Guerrero was arrested on Thursday morning at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York City on a gun possession charge. Guerrero did declare the weapon at the ticket counter and had no ammunition but New York State has some of the toughest gun laws in the nation.

While Guerrero had a permit to carry a weapon in California, he had no such permit to the same thing in New York. I will not make this a gun control issue. That’s for a political website but I will say that it seems as if Guerrero has taken one too many shots to his temple.

Guerrero has to be one of the dumbest people in the country. Just about everyone knows about New York’s tough gun laws and the state’s determination to prosecute violators, even when violators are unaware of the laws.

There have been high profile cases of athletes being prosecuted for carrying an unregistered weapon in New York. Has this guy been living under a rock? Has he ever turned on the news?

Seriously this guy is a moron and he might find out the hard way that New York doesn’t forgive morons for breaking their gun laws.

This begs another question; what were his handlers and associates thinking and doing? I’m sure they no the guy carries a gun. Why didn’t they inform him of New York’s tough gun laws?

I would think that this isn’t the first time that Robert has travelled outside of California. You would think that the people that work with him would have done their research prior to allowing him to enter the state of New York with a gun.

This is a good lesson for athletes and the general public who sees this story on their televisions or read about it on their favorite sports sites, to learn to do their homework about the gun laws in the state that they will be travelling to.

As I said I don’t want this to be a political discussion about how I or you feel about gun legislation. With that being said, since gun control is such a huge topic these days and you can hardly escape news about it, how can someone be so stupid as not to check the registration requirements in the state that they are travelling to?

Robert might end up learning the hard way and might do some prison time. This could have been avoided had he or his associates done the smart thing in the first place.

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