Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Get a Grip Nike Critics. It’s Just Sports

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Some people have way too much time on their hands. Maybe it’s time for those people to get a hobby or something. Nike recently ran a Tiger Woods ad with the quote: “winning takes care of everything”. There are some people who have their panties in a knot over the ad.

These high strung people with nothing better to do are criticizing the ad because they believe it sends the wrong message; concerning Tiger Woods past sex scandal. Come on people. This is a stretch.

If these people who are criticizing Nike for the ad actually knew anything about sports, watched a PGA event or followed Woods, they would know that similar phrases have been used by Tiger Woods in his responses to questions from the media about returning ton the top of the PGA rankings.

I believe that Nike was referencing those comments. They are now promoting Woods in high gear because his golf game is heating up. It has to do with sports and only sports. Anyone thinking that Nike is becoming the moral spokesman for moral and ethical behavior needs help.

I don’t agree with people having extra marital affairs. That being said, if that is the worst thing Tiger Woods ever did in his life, he would be a Saint compared to many professional athletes.

When compared to other athletes or entertainers, the fallout against Woods was disproportionate in my humble opinion. Around the same time, you had Chary Sheen flipping out publicly, probably due to excessive drug use. There were also allegations of abuse against his significant other. What did the public do? They continued to flock to his show in droves.

Sponsors continued to hand over greenbacks to the network airing his show. They didn’t care about how Sheen was behaving but Tiger has some affairs and he’s treated like a mass murderer.

As I said, I’m not defending Tiger’s actions but the criticism levied against him didn’t fit the crime. Oh yeah, there was no crime.

Back to my argument. Nike is receiving some of the same baseless criticism that Tiger received. People need to do their research before criticizing a company and the athlete featured in one of their ads.

The quote used in the Tiger Woods Nike ad was taken from similar comments that Tiger has made in the –past. It’s too bad that the people who’ve criticized Nike in recent days don’t know that.

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