Sunday, March 24, 2013

Flying Like an Eagle - FGCU Makes NCAA Basketball History

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Every member of the Florida Gulf Coast University men's basketball team flew like an eagle tonight as the Eagles defeated San Diego State Aztecs 81 to 71 in the third round of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. The FGCU is the first 15th seed to reach the Sweet 16 and they did it by flying high on Sunday night.

Florida got to this third round game by upsetting and embarrassing the 2nd seed Georgetown Hoyas in the round of 64 on Friday. That was an improbable victory and most people probably thought that FGCU was done.

FGCU would have none of that. They a tough game against 7th ranked Aztecs all game long. They played well and they made sure that they were in the game for most of the contest. Then the Eagles went on a 17-0 run and that sealed the fate for the 7th seed.

The eagles showed the nation that a no name 15th ranked team can shock the world. They showed the nation that the top seeds need to come to play every game. They can't take a night off. They can't go for a siesta and hope that they cruise into another round of play.

I'm sure that the Aztecs players thought that if they played an OK game that they would easily make it into the Sweet 16. Against any other 15th seed they might have been right but that wouldn't fly against the Eagles.

The Eagles were primed to soar tonight. They were ready to feel the wind on their backs as they flew into NCAA history. You could feel it watching the game. You could see it on the FCGU players' faces.

You could also see the disbelief on the Aztecs faces. I'm sure that they didn't know what hit them because they were sure bonked over the head by the high flying Eagles on this night.

If you're like me you love the big upsets in the tournament. Every year we get them in the first round and sometimes in the field of 32 but nothing could have prepared me for this upset. It has never been done before but I love it and many of you do as well. That's if you're not an Aztecs fan.

Tonight there is a San Diego State campus that is reeling and upset that their tournament has been put on ice. There's always next year but I'm sure that they don't want to hear that tonight. Right now they just want to hang their heads in shame. Yes, you're team is the first team to lose to a 15th seed in the round of 32. At least your team made history. Some teams don't get that opportunity.

What's next for the Eagles? They will face the Florida Gators. The Gators better be prepared for FGCU. They will be ready to attempt to make history again.

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