Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Fighting Has Now Found Its Way To The CSN Chicago Newsroom

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It looks like fighting has found its way to the Comcast SportsNet (CSN) Chicago news room. After making stops in boxing, MMA and the NHL, fighting has decided to make a stop at CSN Chicago. is reporting that CSN Chicago basketball analyst Kendall Gill punched a fellow analyst after he was criticized for his comments regarding a call by referees in the Chicago Bulls loss to the Denver Nuggets.

Gill was upset at the call and felt that the Bulls were "jobbed". CSN Chicago Big Ten analyst Tim Doyle disagreed with him. Gill confronted Doyle in the newsroom. That led to some shoving and then Gill punching Doyle. CSN has "removed...Gill temporarily".

I believe that Gill should be removed permanently. He could then pursue a boxing career. Since his art of fighting includes shoving and punching he might be a good fit for the MMA.

All kidding aside. In my opinion this punk doesn't deserve to have a job with CSN. You don't punch your co-workers. That must be in his employer's employee handbook. I guess Kendall never read that handbook. I don't see how CSN could have him back.

Maybe there's a larger issue here. Maybe there's something bothering this erratic human being. If that's the case he needs help but I'm not going to guess what his issues are. At the very least it seems as if he has anger management issues.

What if this guy's behavior had been displayed on air? I don't believe that CSN can take a chance on Gill. I wonder if he will be sued by Doyle. I wonder if Doyle would be able to sue CSN if Gill isn't terminated. Employers need to provide a safe environment for all their employees.

I don't believe it will be a safe environment for CSN employees if Gill is retained by the network. To be honest I don't know too much about Kendall other than he was an NBA player for number of clubs. I don't believe that his hotheaded behavior is one and done moment.

I expect to see fighting during hockey games. I don't expect that sports analysts would fight a fellow employee over a missed call in an NBA game.

For his desire to be a particiapn in a UFC fight, Kendall Gill is today's Fool of the Day.

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