Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Every Goalie Has A Spectacular Game Against The Minnesota Wild

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Tonight the Minnesota Wild dominated play against the Anaheim Ducks. They peppered Anaheim goalie Jonas Hiller. They could only tally one goal. Hiller was spectacular but Wild fans have heard Wild announcers say that all season.

It seems as if every goalie that faces the Wild is spectacular. When a team has a tough time scoring more than a goal or two every night, it's easy to say that the goalies they face are amazing, spectacular and unbelievable. Maybe it's time to say that the Wild are inept.

It's time for the Wild to capitalize on their opportunities. The Wild outshout Anaheim 32-23 but could only get one goal. The Ducks got a couple of lucky breaks and made those opportunities count. In this league it doesn't matter if you get lucky. What matters is if you make your opportunities count and if you can bury that little black disk at the back of the net.

The Wild has had trouble this year burying the puck. They've had games when they've missed golden opportunities to score. Their lack of scoring power might cost them down the stretch. It's time for Wild fans like me and Wild analysts to stop making excuses for this club.

It's time that we stop saying an opposing goalie is spectacular or amazing. Maybe it's time for us to say that Wild players are inept and can do everything but score. They can make the pretty passes and plays but can they get a goal? Some games it doesn't look like it.

The Wild led through two periods dominating the Ducks. The Wild couldn't score. They had power play after power play in the first two periods but only got one goal. The Wild even had a five minute power play but couldn't score a goal.

Through two periods Minnesota even outshot Anaheim 22-7. They only got one goal. Did I already say that? Are you kidding me? I know I'm being critical. The Wild have been playing well lately but it's games like this that make me shale my head.

It's one thing to be blown out in a game but on Tuesday night the Wild dominated the game, outshot their opponent and out chanced them as well. They still got a doughnut in the win column.

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