Saturday, March 23, 2013

Don't Cry For Me Costa Rica

Article written by Sportmentary - Sportmentary Online Sports Talk
The Costa Rican soccer team is crying over spilled snow today after a loss to team USA in a Denver Blizzard. Costa Rica is planning to file a protest with FIFA. The Costa Ricans said that this game was a robbery and an "embarrassment to the game". What else would losers say? Do you think they would have acted like spoiled sports if they won? No way.

I do believe that in the 55th minute both teams were asked if they wanted to continue with the match. Both teams did want to continue. Costa Rica can't have it both ways and shouldn't have hedged their bets. They wanted to continue with the match for a chance at a draw or a victory. In those conditions anything was possible.

So they continued and then they lost and now they want to protest that loss. Honorable people would have said they didn't want to continue playing in those conditions if they truly believed doing so was an "embarrassment" to the game.

The players should have one message to their fans and countrymen: Don't cry for me Costa Rica. Seriously this team is an embarrassment so soccer players and that's saying a lot. The Costa Ricans should be happy they played in a blizzard. The snow softened the blow when they tried to flop and dive.

I sure hope that FIFA doesn't appease Costa Rica. That would be a joke but anything is possible with that rogue organization. It would be a black eye on the sport if they overturned this decision and ordered a rematch. They didn't do that over a number of botched calls in past World Cups, like the infamous Diego Maradona hand goal.

Do I think the game should have been played? Probably not. Soccer isn't a sport made for a blizzard. We're talking about divers and floppers and not tough minded athletes like football and hockey players. With that being said, once the game was underway and both teams were given the option of opting out, I don't believe that Costa Rica should now want a mulligan.

A do over would be unjust and unfair to the winning team which just happens to be our beloved Team USA. It would also be unjust to the 19,000 die hard soccer fans who braved the Denver elements to watch a historic game. Who says soccer isn't popular in the USA?

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