Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dez Bryant Eyeing 2000

Dez Bryant is eyeing 2000 and we’re not talking about run-ins with the law. We’re talking about 2,000 yards. Dez-traction is also setting his sights on scoring 20 touchdowns. He might be able to do that if he stays away from the lawman.

I know this is not a nice thing to say but the only thing I have confidence in regarding Dez is that he will do something stupid and get in trouble with the law. Dez hasn’t shown me that he can act like an adult and take responsibility for his actions.

Dez Bryant Autographed Photo - Dallas Cowboys - 8x10 PSA/DNAI believe that Dez is a distraction to the Cowboys. I think he’s a talented player but if he’s locked up behind bars or fighting legal problems it doesn’t really matter that he’s talented. I don’t think that Mr. Bryan has matured. He would like us to believe that but I want him to prove that to me.

What if, Romo isn’t able to get him the ball enough times for Bryant to reach his goals? Will he cry foul? Will be blame Romo and his teammates? I believe he will. I believe he’s a selfish person and player. I don’t think this is a guy who can help the Cowboys to reach the playoffs and do well in them.

The guy has way too many distractions going on. He needs to focus on his game and the Cowboys. He needs to become a law abiding citizen. He needs to become a team player.

All of his distractions have harmed his team. Sure he was a good boy for most of last season. Sure he didn’t break the law during that time (as far as we know) but I believe that Cowboys fans don’t trust that he will stay out of trouble.

I’m waiting for Dez to self destruct. Maybe he’ll prove me wrong and show that he’s matured but I don’t believe that.

If he fails he will have only himself to blame. The Cowboys have provided the guy with the resources to stay out of trouble. Now it’s up to him to grow up and focus on his job. It’s up to him to stay out of trouble.

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