Monday, March 4, 2013

Dennis Rodman Takes His Game to New Level

Article written by Dave Thomas - Guest Poster
In the long and storied history of the National Basketball Association (NBA), you can probably count on one hand the characters that even come close to Dennis Rodman.

Sure, the legendary and arguably best center of all-time, Wilt Chamberlain, was reported to have slept with countless women over the years. Meantime, several players got the tag that they could put together their own NBA teams with all the children they reportedly fathered out of wedlock. Still, not many can compare to Rodman, 51, when it comes to grabbing headlines.

With that in mind, many NBA fans awoke to the news recently that “The Worm” was in North Korea to meet with the world’s most notorious dictator Kim Jong Un.

Overseeing a country where many of its citizens live on little or no food, Kim Jong Un, 28, no doubt welcomed the chance to get some face time with the NBA Hall-of-Famer, a player who led the league in rebounds for a record seven consecutive years, and who is most remembered for his time with the Detroit Pistons and Chicago Bulls.

Rodman spent time in North Korea watching basketball, something of which is not a surprise, this given the fact that he was there with members of Harlem Globetrotters.

Rodman Returns to U.S. With a Message
The five-time NBA champion also brought back to the States a message from the dictator, claiming on ABC during an interview with George Stephanopoulos that "He (Kim Jong Un) wants (President) Obama to do one thing -- call him." According to Rodman, Kim "loves basketball. Obama loves basketball. Let's start there. Let's start there."

Before you condemn Rodman for this “tour” that he was part of, keep in mind that he went as a private citizen, certainly not representative of the U.S. government.

That being said, sending any kind of positive attention towards Kim Jong Un is a mistake, especially given his mistreatment of his own citizens, not to mention the fact that he has threatened the U.S. with nuclear annihilation on a number of occasions. Then again, trying to follow through on that threat would be akin to suicide for him and much of his country, something the dictator is smart enough to know.

At the end of the day, one really needs to keep Rodman’s visit to North Korea in context.

Yes, there is always the slight chance that something good will come out of it, albeit nothing that is likely to end the hostilities between the two countries that have existed for decades.

Who knows, maybe even one day we will see an NBA exhibition game in North Korea, although that seems about as likely as those fans successfully hitting a mid-court shot at halftime to win a new car.

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