Sunday, March 3, 2013

An Apology To The Phoenix Coyotes?

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I've criticized and ridiculed the Phoenix Coyotes in the past for their poor attendance and being in a market that would rather be watching an equestrian event than an NHL hockey game. Maybe it's time for an apology.

The Coyotes have now moved up to the second worst attendance in the NHL. That's up from being dead last. OK, so it's a stretch that I would apologize. The Coyotes may be the second worst team in total attendance in the NHL but they are dead last when it comes to the capacity of their arena that is being filled each night.

They have made some gains. Maybe the GOALden ticket promotion is working. Maybe Phoenix is a great hockey town after all. Ha ha ha. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. This team should still relocate. Their lack of fan support is pathetic. The experiment in the dessert will hopefully come to an end soon. The Coyotes are still a pathetic organization.

The team has proven one thing to me. Hockey in the dessert would be like holding swim meets in the Arctic Ocean. That wouldn't happen. Hockey in the desert shouldn't happen either.

I think the NHL's commitment to Phoenix is ridiculous and a joke. The lack of support for the team in the desert makes the NHL look like it has no clue about how to run a business. The NHL currently owns the Coyotes which makes the NHL's commitment even more suspect.

Previous attempts at finding new ownership have fallen apart miserably. Anyone who wants to buy the team and keep them in the worst market in the NHL should have their head examined. I guess if you love gambling and throwing your money away the Coyotes are a good match for you.

Yes I'm being incredibly biased against the team but I come by my bias honestly. I really do think that the Coyotes have been a miserable failure in the desert. It's time for the league to move the team.

So it looks like hell will have to freeze over before I apologize to the team.

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