Sunday, March 10, 2013

Alex "Ovechloss" Ovechkin Contributes To His Team's Loss Against The Rangers

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With his team needing a victory to keep the Washington Capital’s hopes and drive alive for making the NHL playoffs, Alex “Ovechloss” Ovechkin did what many people expected. He folded under the pressure today against the New York Rangers. It was an awesome sight to see. Alex might have talent but he isn’t a winner. The guy is one of the worst captains and leaders in the NHL.

Calling Ovechloss a leader is an oxymoron. So what did this dud do today? With the score tied at 1-1 in the second period and the Rangers pressuring the Capitals, Ovechkin took a penalty. During the delayed penalty the Rangers scored to go ahead and game winning goal. The goal seemed to wipe out the penalty. A goal scored during the delayed penalty and before the penalty taking team touches (or gains control) of the puck will wipe out the penalty.

Signed Alex Ovechkin Photo - Alexander 8X10 Home Jersey)Just after the goal was scored, one of the referees motioned for Ovechkin to take the penalty box. Ovechkin had taken a second penalty during the sequence that resulted in the Rangers goal. Ovechkin is a complete and utter bonehead. It’s bad enough taking one penalty during a play but it’s a complete meltdown taking another one. The power play would lead to a third Rangers goal.

Those back to back Ovechkin penalties resulted in back to back New York Rangers goals. The Capitals wouldn’t recover from those power play goals. The Rangers went on to win the game on Sunday afternoon. It was a blow to the Capitals who are fighting for a playoff spot.

The Capitals are team of highs and lows. Ovechkin and the Capitals started the season off on a low note but seemed to have rebounded somewhat in the past couple of weeks. That was until today. Ovechkin is supposed to be the leader of this team. How Alex goes, the Capitals go. When he has meltdowns like today and other games, it has a huge negative impact for this team.

I’m probably one of the few that hold the following opinion; I think that the Capitals should trade Alex. I don’t think that they will win a Stanley Cup with this guy. He is not a winner. Sure he can put up the numbers and be a highlight real but his lack of leadership and winning ways has been an Achilles heel for this club.

In many NHL seasons Alex might be the best regular season player but when he gets to the playoffs he hasn’t been able to find his way. He’s been disappointing. Winning is what matters. It’s about time that Alex step up to the plate and show that winning is in his veins. Unfortunately for Capitals fans, I don’t think that is the case. As long as this underachiever is on the team, Capitals fans can expect failure in the playoffs, when their team actually makes it there.

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